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We believe in treating and healing the whole person, body, mind, and spirit. Our practice offers patients a blend of traditional with holistic medicine and therapies to promote natural healing and overall wellness.

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Relieving Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression, and Pain.

Ditch the Meds
Prescription medications attempt to target an issue or imbalance in the body with the use of chemicals. But your body is both chemical and electrical.

And since an enormous part of the nervous system is controlled by internal electrical impulses, why treat your body with chemicals in the form of pills or injections?

Additional Information

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You Have Options

If you click on the links above, you’ll notice that the Alpha-Stim machine is available for sale. Yes, you may come to our office for the therapy or you may purchase a machine. If you are interested in the latter, we’ll help you choose the model best suited to your needs.

Watch the short video below to learn more.
Essential Touch

Human touch is scientifically proven to calm and heal the mind, body, and spirit.

Essential touch therapy combines elements of massage, reflexology, and essential oils signaling the brain to release dopamine and serotonin, two neurotransmitters that help regulate mood, anxiety, and stress.

What to expect
Upon arrival, you and your therapist will discuss your stressors and triggers so that she can combine the right essential oils for your needs. 
Oils are used as part of treatment, expect to have them applied to your head. 
Additionally, we request you arrive without jewelry or makeup.
Essential Oils

What Is An Essential Oil?

Wikipedia states, “ The use of essential oils for therapeutic, spiritual, hygienic, and ritualistic purposes goes back to ancient civilizations including the Chinese, Indians, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans who used them in cosmetics, perfumes, and drugs.” Essential oils are made from flower, herb, and tree parts, like bark, roots, peels, and petals. When the cells that give a plant its fragrant smell, or essence, are extracted from a plant, they become an essential oil.

Are Essential Oils Safe?

Flower essences are safe for the whole family including pets. Oils can be inhaled through a diffuser or rubbed on the skin. At the direction of an experienced clinician, some essential oils can be taken internally. The remedies are preserved in grape-based brandy and are gluten-free. Once evaluated by the practitioner, an individualized formulation will be provided specifically to meet your needs. 

What Are The Health Benefits of Aromatherapy?

​Aromatherapy is a way of dispensing essential oil through the use of a diffuser.

Benefits include:

doTerra Essential Oils

Advanced Integrative Care is excited to offer our patients certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils that lift the mood, calm the senses, and elicit powerful, emotional responses. To purchase, click here.

I.V. Therapies

Known as intravenous (IV) therapy, infusion, hydration, and drip therapy it is a treatment that delivers fluid by way of injection with a syringe or via infusion into the body. It is the fastest way to deliver medications, blood products, and more into the bloodstream to help with various health conditions, dehydration, and blood transfusions.

At Advanced Integrative Care, IV therapy is a highly personalized experience.

Based on the patient’s needs, health goals and concerns, or underlying conditions, we prepare the formulation on-site and are ever mindful of the experience and safety– we monitor the patient throughout the process. 

For more on I.V. Therapy and to see the different therapies offered, click here.

Medical Cannabis

Important Update to New York State’s Marijuana Legislation

In March 2021, New York made it legal for adults 21 and older to possess up to three ounces of cannabis and up to 24 grams of concentrated cannabis for personal use in New York.

That has prompted many people to self-diagnose and treat for conditions widely known to be helped by marijuana. We understand the temptation, but remind you that at Advanced Integrative Care, Sherry Verostko-Slazak is a NYS Registered Practitioner, and has been since founding AIC in 2018. As such, her training, experience, and expertise reduces the guesswork from choosing strains, dosages, etc.

The Integrative Approach to Medical Marijuana

Our philosophy continues to incorporate an integrative approach to treatment by aligning medical cannabis with one’s current treatment regime and health and wellness goals.

We first begin by examining the patient’s full medical history, watchful for any potential interactions between medical marijuana and other medications or therapies the patient may be taking.

From there, we develop personalized plans and address concerns, clarify doubts, and offer guidance on integrating medical cannabis into the patient’s overall lifestyle safely and responsibly.

Sherry monitors a patient’s progress and response to make informed decisions about adjusting the treatment plan necessary adjustments, such as modifying dosages or changing strains. Her personalized approach optimizes therapeutic outcomes, maximizes benefits, and minimizes side effects.

Because whatever we’re using medical cannabis to treat is not an isolated condition, we discuss lifestyle modifications that can complement the therapeutic effects of medical marijuana. This may include recommendations for exercise, stress management techniques, dietary adjustments, and other self-care practices that can enhance the overall well-being of the patient.

Conditions helped by medical cannabis include:

  • Cancer Support
  • HIV Infection or AIDS
  • ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Spinal Cord Injury with Spasticity
  • Epilepsy
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Neuropathy
  • Huntington’s Disease
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Chronic Pain
  • Opioid Use and Substance Abuse Disorder*

*For those that are wishing to decrease their use of opioid and benzodiazepine medications, a gradual dose reduction plan can be recommended and implemented in collaboration with your treating provider. We have been very successful in managing patients’ symptoms with a minimal amount of prescription medication by recommending an appropriate ratio of THC and CBD to appropriately manage chronic conditions. 

For more info on Medical Cannabis click here. 

In related news. Advanced Integrative Care offers CBD IVs. Read more here.

Mistletoe Injection Therapy

Mistletoe? Yes, That Mistletoe!

Mistletoe, or Viscum Album, is a plant that attaches itself to trees, such as apple, oak, maple, elm, pine, and birch. It is native to Europe and Western Asia, with medicinal uses dating back to ancient civilizations.

The biologic extracts from this plant have broad applications in the field of oncology that have demonstrated consistent safety and effectiveness when used with the established treatment protocols. Otherwise, the plant is poisonous.

Its Applications in Medicine

European mistletoe (Viscum album L.) is a medicinal plant that has been used as a treatment for cancer for more than a century (NIH) and is one of the most widely studied and evidence-based, naturopathic medicines prescribed for cancer patients in Europe.

It is thought that mistletoe stimulates the immune system to fight cancer, may improve symptoms, and reduce the side effects of cancer treatments.

Mistletoe has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects, and some research suggests it may act as an antiangiogenesis agent. This means it may prevent the spread of cancer by stopping the growth of new blood vessels, cutting off fuel supply to tumors.

Mistletoe can help alleviate some of the common side-effects of radiation and chemotherapy, such as fatigue, nausea, and difficulty sleeping.

Mistletoe Therapy can be used in malignant and non-malignant tumors for stimulation of bone marrow activity along with conventional treatments to offset the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, such as nausea, vomiting, and lack of appetite. It can also be used to diminish tumor-related pain and to reduce the risk of tumor recurrence.

How Mistletoe is Administered

Mistletoe is injected under the skin of the abdomen for most patients.

It typically causes some harmless localized inflammation, including swelling, redness, tenderness, and itching, up to the size of a silver dollar.  

The maintenance treatment is given three times each week. Your first mistletoe injection will be done at our offices so we can demonstrate safe and proper injection technique, as well as observe you for any allergic reaction. Allergic reaction to subcutaneous mistletoe is extremely rare. All subsequent injections can be administered at home by you or a trained caregiver.

Benefits from Mistletoe Therapy

  • Activation of the immune system and the production of defense cells
  • Stimulation of programmed cell death (apoptosis) in cancer cells and blockage of angiogenesis (new blood supply)
  • Protection and stabilization of the DNA of healthy cells against damage caused by cytostatic drugs, such as chemotherapy
  • Improvement in general well-being
  • Reduced fatigue, particularly during and after chemotherapy
  • Reduced nausea during chemotherapy
  • Improved appetite
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased energy
  • A more positive outlook, more courage, and initiative, less fear
  • Less sensitivity to pain, so fewer painkillers, and sedatives are needed

Possible Side Effects

  • A slight increase in body temperature (many cancer patients have a lower than average body temperature and often feel cold)
  • Fatigue​

Is Mistletoe Appropriate for Everyone? 

No. this therapy is not recommended for anyone with an allergy to Mistletoe or anyone with acute inflammatory disease, autoimmune disease, high fever, pregnancy, Myasthenia gravis, multiple sclerosis,  or uncontrolled hyperthyroidism.

Is it Safe to Use Mistletoe Therapy while Receiving other Treatments, such as Radiation or Chemotherapy?


Weight Management

Customized, science-based medical programs designed to fit you and your lifestyle.
Maintaining a healthy weight isn’t defined by numbers on a scale, but we recognize that is often from there that the journey begins.
At Advanced Integrative Care, we believe weight loss is personal, which is why we offer multiple tailored programs to help you reach your goals. While other programs tell you what they think works; with our programs, it’s all about you.

Ready to Start Your Journey?

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